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Our Mission

To be a Gospel-focused learning community,
that equips parishes to respond missionally to the needs of God’s world.

Our Vision

To create a coaching and praxis-based learning environment where parishes are equipped to respond creatively and faithfully to God’s mission.

The Niagara School for Missional Leadership centres its learning on the Good News of Jesus Christ. This Good News is, in part, that the Church is called to participate in Jesus’ mission in the world in bringing about the Kingdom of God. Jesus calls us to life and compels us to love, and as we do so, the kingdom breaks into the world around us.

The Niagara School for Missional Leadership is rooted in missional praxis, nurtured by the basic learning tools of practical experience, mentoring, theological reflection, and prayer. Each course combines elements of experiential and gathered learning with the opportunity of being mentored. They will include exposure to missional leadership practitioners, as well as to the art of theological and prayerful reflection.

Learning will happen in community, where both lay and clergy will deepen relationship, experience missional leadership together, and pray together for their parish and community, modeling the relationship Jesus shared with his disciples.

The Niagara School for Missional Leadership is Anglican, ecumenical, and inclusive. We intentionally seek to reflect in our methods and practice of teaching, the diversity of expressions of worship that make up the Diocese of Niagara. Our learning community seeks to be an inclusive space, reflective of the ethnic, racial, gender, and economic diversities that are present in our diocese.

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