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Rhythms of Missional Spirituality

This course will help leaders learn from the past, be aware of the present and plan for the future. The course will explore ancient truths that have helped guide Christians for the past two thousand years and introduce new concepts from leadership science. Most importantly, all of the learning will be practical and will enhance your personal, leadership and communal rhythms.
Wednesday Evenings 7:00-9:00 pm EST
April 17 – May 22, 2024

The daily news is filled with extreme changes, and many of us feel battered by forces we cannot control. Yet many leaders are still using old maps for a world that no longer exists. We cannot make sense of our new world by using old maps.

It doesn’t help to dust them off or reprint them with bolder colours. The more we rely on them, the more confused we become. They cause us to focus on the wrong things and blind us to what’s significant.

Throughout the course, we will draw from a rich tradition of spiritual formation and soul care that is rooted in the Scriptures and can be found running throughout the pages of church history. The voices of spiritual formation and soul care from which we will draw are diverse and include Christians from all ages. You will be introduced to various practices and voices from the ages. Although much of what we explore is founded on ancient practices, we believe that these rhythms can help leaders thrive in today’s globally diverse world.

We have divided the course into three sections representing movements of thought. These three movements will help you and those you serve to navigate our changing world.
The first movement is personal rhythms, which focus on the inner life of a leader. Nothing could be more important or more needed in today’s uncertain world than developing our inner life with God.
The second movement is leadership rhythms, which refer to our outer life. This section includes practices to help your leadership navigate the chaotic and uncertain world. This includes chapters on leadership essentials for leadership resilience and on cultivating missional innovation through the lens of “Missional Design Thinking.”
The third movement is corporate rhythms, which remind us of our life together. This part includes the foundations of coaching and small group discipleship.

What You’ll Learn


Personal Rhythms

Developing Spiritual Breathing, the Ebb and Flow Rule of Life & the Art of Spiritual Reflection

Rhythms of a Leader

Six Essentials for Leadership today, Rediscovering Your Missional Imagination, A Biblical Missional Imagination & Developing a Posture of Empathy

Corporate Rhythms

Guiding Through Coaching, Discipleship & Guiding Others in The Way

Learn together

Practice in your context

Reflect in community

Your new knowledge and experience will become even more meaningful when shared with other learning practitioners like yourself.


Mark Dunwoody

Mark Dunwoody has more than three decades of international experience as a writer, trainer, speaker, strategist, and coach. While living in Canada, he was the Missioner in the Diocese of Montreal, leader of the Fresh Expressions movement Canada Church Planting, and played an active role with Maritimes dioceses.
Mark is a thought leader in the coaching world, author and podcaster, and co-author of the international best-selling book Healthy Rhythms For Leaders. It is on the curriculum of many leading schools and read by coaches worldwide. He co-founded Healthy Rhythms Coaching, which is a digital coach training platform that has been used in over thirty countries. Mark has a background in Leadership and Organizational Development. He has a masters from the University of Wales and a doctorate from Asbury Seminary, USA.
Mark has trained leaders and worked with organizations that have started hundreds of new churches and new expressions of church in various contexts worldwide. Though he regularly teaches at various theological colleges, Mark is keen never to be an armchair theologian and is currently leading a micro church network in Tasmania, Australia.

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