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Climate Justice

Following Jesus in a World of Climate Breakdown
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The science is clear. We are living in a warming world due to fossil fuel emissions. The world’s most vulnerable are already suffering and it jeopardizes the wellbeing of future generations. This course will explore what it means to follow Jesus and live lives of justice within the context of climate breakdown.

What You’ll Learn


Exploring the connection between climate justice and a faith-informed life


Examining opportunities for communities of faith to commit to climate justice


Discussing the role of parishes in the fight for climate justice


Asking how we can individually advocate for climate justice

Learn together

Practice in your context

Reflect in community

Your new knowledge and experience will become even more meaningful when shared with other learning practitioners like yourself.


The Reverend John Swales

The Reverend Jon Swales MBE is an Anglican priest, theological educator, and climate activist. He lives in the UK. Jon heads up a fresh expression of church and charity called Lighthouse which shares the love of Jesus with adults with multiple and complex needs. Jon has recently completed a book called Lament and Hope: Prayers for the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

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