A Skyfall of Rainbows

How the common experience of Churches and Businesses offers an opportunity for a financially viable shared Mission

Quite by mistake, a Scotsman named Brewster, while looking for something else, invented a device by which we can see beauty in a unique way. Within months, over 200,000 had been sold in Paris and London. The kaleidoscope was born. Two rotating mirrors, aimed at light, poured out an infinite variety of patterns that have delighted countless children and adults for two centuries. Sometimes, hope demands that we somehow see things differently. A Skyfall of Rainbows is just such a view.

Two worlds that we each know well are undergoing immense change. Churches everywhere are struggling to survive, let alone grow. It is easy to despair. Businesses are being transformed by many of the same forces that challenge churches. Both wrestle with the same issues and have far more in common than you might think. Over the last few decades, business has been undergoing a profound and accelerating transformation, a radical exploration of purpose.

This movement towards purpose beyond profit, we might call Telosity–the acceleration of an organization towards its real purpose, its purpose for others. Churches face the same challenge, and not only can businesses and churches learn from each other, but they can partner and help each other succeed. As each emerges from revolutionary change, both can have similar aim—an economically viable mission for a very broken world. 

In this series, we take these two different kinds of organizations and hold them together, up to the light, up to the Light of Christ. We tend to think of them as having little to do with each other, as incompatible, even enemies. In the parables, Jesus uses stories about the everyday and gives us a glimpse of His Kingdom. In A Skyfall of Rainbows, we’ll do just that, take the everyday of church and the everyday of the business hold them up to the Light. Through this lens, I hope we can  discover a rainbow of collaborations and possibilities for church and business alike, but more importantly, I hope that we see the wonder that is Christ’s Kingdom.

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